4 Perfect Cocktails for this Wedding Season


RECIPE | Skinny Piña Coladas

Warm, sunny days like we had this weekend have me daydreaming about summertime by the pool with a cocktail in hand!

After a bike ride along the new Virginia Capital Trail yesterday, hubs and I stopped by Conch Republic at Rocketts Landing for a little lunch al fresco by the river. They make the BEST piña coladas there, but they certainly aren’t guilt free! So I decided to try my hand at a lighter version of the classic summer cool-off.


  • 2 oz. Bacardi coconut rum
  • 5 oz. sugar-free coconut milk
  • 2 oz. pineapple juice
  • 3-4 chunks frozen pineapple
  • Ice

Blend until smooth and enjoy! So tasty!

For an extra punch, try adding an ounce of 99 Pineapples liqueur!

The Perfect RVA Holiday Cocktail


Happy Holidays, RVA!

There are only a few more days left until Christmas, and Richmonders are busy finishing shopping, decorating, and menu-planning for their guests and families.

While you are planning what to eat and drink this holiday season, make sure you don’t forget the most important menu item of all: the Christmas Morning Cocktail.

This year, I will be making the RVA Bloody Mary, made with all local products that I adore— and they’re all readily available to buy online or in local Richmond shops.

The Ingredients


Crunch Dynasty

Crunch Dynasty is an Asian-inspired hot topping that goes on just about everything– from sushi to mac & cheese. This delicious topping is made with garlic, shallots, gluten-free soy sauce, sesame seeds, hot peppers, and special seasons and oils.

I love to rim my Bloody Mary glass with Crunch Dynasty (and sprinkle a bit into the cocktail itself!) The topping gives your drink a delicious zing and lots of flavor. This stuff takes anything from a Bloody Mary to scrambled eggs from blah to blazing in an instant!

Click here to find the store closest to you, or click here to purchase online!

Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix

Texas Beach Bloody Mary mix isn’t your mama’s mix– this delicious mix is just as special as Richmond is. Named after Texas Beach, a park at the south end of Texas Avenue near Maymont, this Bloody Mary mix packs a punch– and is one of the tastiest mixes I’ve ever tried. Garlicky, peppery, and just the right thickness, this is by far my favorite Bloody Mary mix on the planet.

Click here to find the store closest to you, or click here to purchase online!

Belle Isle Moonshine

Belle Isle Moonshine came to market in late 2013 with a bang, and Richmonders have been loyal to this incredible brand ever since. The creators were tired of all of the “novelty” moonshine brands on the shelves, and created this premium brand with a nod to Belle Isle in downtown Richmond. The moonshine is smooth and easy to drink, and is the perfect addition for the RVA Bloody Mary.

Belle Isle Craft Spirits are carried in most ABC stores in Richmond. Click here to shop!

Recipe: RVA Bloody Mary

  • Crunch Dynasty topping
  • 1.5 oz Belle Isle Moonshine
  • 3.5 oz Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix

Rim glass in Crunch Dynasty hot topping. In another glass, stir together Belle Isle Moonshine & Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix. Fill glass with ice, then pour mixture into second glass. Pour back and forth 3-4 times to mix well. Pour into rimmed glass, garnish with celery stalk and serve.



RECIPE // Favorite Recipes to Cool You Down

Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you’re feeling rested, relaxed, and just a little more sun-kissed than you were last week! 🙂

I’m currently typing this from our living room in Church Hill, where it is approximately 280 degrees. Our AC unit has been acting up over the past couple of weeks, leaking through the ceiling in our dining room. After an unsuccessful try from the repairman last week, apparently, the dining room ceiling decided this evening it had had ENOUGH, and collapsed. So, my husband, Millie and I are currently sequestered in our living room downstairs with fans (and wine) running to keep us cool. Not fun, especially in this late-August Southern heat and humidity.

Hopefully, all will be fixed early this week. But in the meantime, I am daydreaming of cool swimming pools, popsicles, and cooler temperatures!

If you’re hating the heat like me tonight, here are three recipes for you to try to keep cool during the couple of weeks of summer.

1. Southern Living‘s “Swamp Breeze”

I first had this frozen cocktail at an engagement party for my best friend Charlotte in her hometown of Burlington, North Carolina. Delicious, tangy, and oh-so-cold. Click here for the recipe.

2. Aunt Peggy’s Tomato, Cucumber, and Onion Salad

Aunt Peggy’s Cucumber, Tomato and Onion Salad

This one comes from Paula Deen’s kitchen. Doesn’t this look refreshing?! Click here for the recipe.

3. Lavender Rose Ice Cream

Lavender Rose Ice Cream | SugarHero.com

Gorgeous AND refreshing? This Instagram-ready dessert is sure to cool you down on a hot day. Check out the recipe on SugarHero.com!

What are your favorite recipes to cool you down on a hot day?


Tuesday Ten // Virginia Craft Beers to Enjoy This Month


August is Virginia Craft Beer Month! With 82 craft breweries across the state (and counting!), Virginia is for Craft Beer Lovers, for sure!

In honor of Craft Beer Month in the Commonwealth, here are ten of my favorite Virginia Craft Beers to enjoy this month. Check them out after the jump!

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RECIPE | Strawberry Basil Spritzer Cocktail


Now that the spring days are turning warmer and warmer, it’s time to transition to lighter, refreshing cocktails to wind down a long day! I’ve been growing fresh basil this spring, so I’m always looking for an opportunity to utilize it in dishes — and even cocktails!

I tried this recipe as an experiment and am beyond pleased with the results. It’s sweet (but not too!), refreshing, fruity (but not too!), and complex. Quadruple this recipe if you’re entertaining and serve in a pretty glass pitcher!



photo51.5 oz Three Olives’ Elvis Presley Coconut Water vodka
1.5 oz. Three Olives’ Marilyn Monroe Strawberry vodka
3-4 large basil leaves, fresh
1 large strawberry, sliced
1 t. lemon juice
Seltzer water
1 packet of Splenda (optional)






Tools (optional)

photo4We recently have received some fun bar tools from our wedding registry, which makes mixing drinks a lot more fun (and sometimes, easier!) However, these tools are not necessary. You can use whatever you have around the kitchen to substitute! 

1 jigger (ours is from Crate & Barrel’s Gatsby Bar Tools)
1 spoon (again, from Crate & Barrel’s Gatsby Bar Tools)
Zyliss Fast Cut Herb Tool (ours is from Williams-Sonoma – it’s magic.)
Sphere Ice Mold (LOVE these. You can get a pair of molds at Crate & Barrel)





photo3Put your ice sphere (or crushed ice) in your desired glass. Rub the rim of the glass with a basil leaf. 
Chop up the basil and strawberries on a cutting board, either with the Zyliss tool or with a sharp, small knife.
Pour these ingredients over the ice.
Pour one jigger of the Coconut Water vodka, and one jigger of the Strawberry vodka over the basil and strawberries.
Empty one packet (optional) of Splenda
Pour in 1 teaspon of lemon juice
Pour seltzer water until glass is full
Garnish with a sprig of fresh basil and a fun straw and….





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RECIPE| Sparkling Apple Rum Punch



Serves 4-6.

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