Sofa, So Good? Adventures in Living Room Decisions.

Image result for sofa so goodIt’s been almost six months since we closed on our house, which is unbelievable to me. The past few months have flown by, and while we’ve made a lot of progress making the home “ours,” we still have a long way to go!

pantheon-fabric-persimmon-dwl5943My mom finished up our living room drapes and I am in love with them! We got a great bargain on the fabric from this Robert Allen Pantheon fabric in Persimmon usually goes for $75/yard from vendors like DwellStudio, but with a little digging & a coupon or two, we ended up getting all eight yards of this fabric for $21.95/yard. (PS – if you like this fabric, they still have 13 yards left at that price point! Just click here.)

She made the drapes floor to ceiling with goblet pleats at the top: they look super luxe, but the fabric makes them a bit playful, too, which I love!


My club chairs, which were previously green & yellow striped, have also been reupholstered and are ready for pick-up (as soon as I get my car back – but that’s another story for another day…). I went with this fawn-like print I found at U-Fab’s new location on Broad Street. It’s a little lighter in person, so I can’t wait to get my chairs back home to share with you!unnamed

Now that we have the drapes and club chairs taken care of, there are only a few other things on our list for the living room until we can move on to the next project:

  • A larger TV that we’ll mount in the center of the built-ins
  • A new sofa
  • A statement piece of art to go above said sofa
  • An updated gas log system for the fireplace
  • Modernize the moulding on the built-ins
  • Conceal the radiator under the built-ins

The sofa is turning out to be the most difficult decision — and the hardest for us to come to a consensus on. Our living room is long and narrow, which makes things a bit challenging. Additionally, there isn’t a ton of natural light, which makes me lean towards lighter and brighter colors to cheer up the room a bit. My husband has his heart set on a sectional – and I feel “meh” about them. And, we’re constantly flipping back and forth between leather and cloth! Leather is more practical, especially because we have a dog that spends most of her day lounging on the sofa while we’re at work. But leather is also dark, and I worry it will “bring down” our living room – in addition to possibly making it feel a bit “man-cavey.” Light fabric, which I prefer, is probably a dangerous choice for our lady-of-luxury pup, as well.

What to do, what to do!? Here is a snapshot of our current layout and the sofa we have. The current sofa is fine, but too small – we want something a little more substantial.

Here are some living rooms + sofa combos I like, but would LOVE some advice and opinions from you, dear readers! Leather or cloth? Dark or light? Sectional or no? I’d also really love to hear from fellow dog-owners, too: what advice do you have on buying great furniture you can protect from your pup?

Image result for southern living living rooms

Image result for southern living living rooms

Image result for sofa for narrow living roomImage result for beige sofa colorful roomImage result for leather sofa with upholstered chairsNote furniture placement in small living room: This living room is only 11' x 15', but two streamlined linen sofas provide ample seating in tight quarters. The onyx-faced fireplace is original to the home, an 1,100-square-foot Colonial-style house:



  1. Pablo says:

    I love this! I think a leather (not too dark) couch would look amazing with the fabrics you have for the chairs!



  1. […] update projects: wallpaper and new drapes in the dining room, new drapes and new upholstery in the living room, and giving a fresh coat of paint to several rooms in the house. One of the first major projects […]


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