5 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch Now

So you’ve finished House of Cards and Making a Murderer. Itching for some new binge worthy shows?

Here are a few shows on Netflix I’ve devoured recently, but viewer discretion is advised: you may become addicted.

1. Broadchurch

If you loved the first season of True Detective and love Law & Order, this is a great pick. Set in Broadchurch, England, this series is a captivating whodunnit with many twists and turns.

About the Show: After a young boy is murdered in a coastal town in England, the close-knit community is subjected to the relentless glare of the media while the police, led by a newly arrived, conflicted detective, hunt for the killer and uncover horrifying secrets.

2. The Fall

My friends Eddie and Charlotte recommended this show to me after I expressed withdrawal from Broadchurch. Set in Belfast, Ireland, this cat-and-mouse thriller had me hooked from the first few minutes of episode one. And: Jamie Dornan. Need I say more?

About the Show: Metropolitan Police Superintendent Stella Gibson, a senior investigating officer tasked with reviewing investigations, is seconded to the Police Service of Northern Ireland(“PSNI”) in order to assess the progress of a murder investigation that has remained active longer than 28 days. When it becomes apparent a serial killer is on the loose, local detectives must work with Stella to find and capture Paul Spector, who is attacking young professional women in the city of Belfast. As time passes Stella’s team works tirelessly to build a case, but they are met with complications both inside and outside the PSNI. Paul, concurrently, builds a relationship with his children’s babysitter, Katie, to unknown ends. As Spector’s world comes crashing down, both literally and figuratively, it may turn out to be his professional, and not his personal, decisions that cause the killer to face a fate he did not expect.

3. Reign

This one is for the history buffs out there that don’t mind a little creative license. The series, airing on CW, follows the life of Mary Queen of Scots– her love story with Francis II of France, the tumultuous struggle to keep control of her throne in Scotland and out of the hands of Elizabeth I, and some other interesting, albeit historically inaccurate, plotlines. Think Gossip Girl meets The Tudors. 

About the Show: The highly fictionalized series follows the early exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots during her years living in France. The first season takes place in 1557, with Mary living in French court and awaiting her marriage to Prince Francis, to whom she has been engaged since they were six. Mary has to contend with changing politics and power plays, as well as her burgeoning feelings for Francis and the romantic attentions of Francis’s bastard half-brother, Bash. Francis’s mother, Catherine de’ Medici, secretly tries to prevent the marriage following Nostradamus‘s confidential prediction that the marriage will lead to Francis’s death. The series also follows the affairs of Mary’s Scottish handmaidens Kenna, Aylee, Lola, and Greer, who are searching for husbands of their own at court.

4. Happy Valley

Another recommendation from Charlotte & Eddie! I just started Happy Valley this week, but so far I am loving it. What starts off as darkly comedic quickly turns dark!

About the Show: Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) is a strong-willed police sergeant in West Yorkshire, still coming to terms with the suicide of her daughter Becky eight years earlier. Cawood is now divorced from her husband and living with her sister Clare (Siobhan Finneran), a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict, who is helping her bring up Becky’s young son Ryan (Rhys Connah), the product of rape. Neither Catherine’s ex-husband nor their adult son, Daniel, want anything to do with Ryan. Just as Catherine seems to be getting back on top of her life, she spots standing on a street corner in her town Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton), the man she believes is responsible for the brutal rape that impregnated Becky and drove her to suicide shortly after Ryan was born. Catherine soon becomes obsessed with finding Royce, unaware that he is involved in the kidnapping of Ann Gallagher (Charlie Murphy), a plot instigated by Kevin Weatherill (Steve Pemberton) and orchestrated by Ashley Cowgill (Joe Armstrong). Things quickly take a dark turn as the abductors scramble to keep the kidnapping secret, although Catherine is onto them.

5. Fixer Upper

Enough of the crime and drama, people! Fixer Upper is a sweet HGTV series that will lift your spirits and take your mind off of the darkness, for sure. My husband and I are currently house hunting for our first home together, so I’ve really enjoyed watching Fixer Upper transform ho-hum Waco, TX houses into dream homes. Bonus: Chip and Joanna Gaines, a husband-and-wife team who make the magic happen, are pretty much the cutest couple ever. Bring on the shiplap, open concept, and kitchen islands!

About the Show: Prior to Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines worked with clients on buying and remodeling homes. In total the couple had worked on over 100 homes. On the show, the Gaineses start by showing one couple three potential homes for purchase in central Texas, each of which requires a varying amount of repair or renovation. Once the couple chooses their home, Joanna designs it while Chip is the lead contractor. The buyers typically have a total budget of under $200,000 with at least $30,000 in renovations.

What are YOU currently binge-watching? Leave your show recommendations in the comments section below!




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