Favorite Recipes for Your Labor Day Cook-Out

Happy Labor Day weekend! We’ve had a mix of low-key and high-gear activities this weekend. It’s been a busy, fun, friend-filled weekend – and it’s not over yet!

When we have friends and family in town for a holiday weekend, we love to heat up the grill and enjoy the final days of summer in the backyard. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your Labor Day cook-out, check out some of my favorite summer-approved recipes below. They’re all easy, delicious, and pretty healthy, too!

Grilled Kickin’ Chicken Thighs with Adobo Corn

Tried this Sunday. So good!!!! New fav way to cook corn. Grilled Corn on the Cob - Easy Recipe

Summer is the perfect time to rekindle your love of grilling. This easy, delicious recipe is perfect for a summer weeknight meal, but can be easily doubled (or tripled!) if you are entertaining guests for a summer BBQ.

Spice Rubbed Flank Steak with Salsa

Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak with Fresh Salsa Recipe

This recipe comes from the 2013 edition of Best of Cooking Light, and is a great weekend or weeknight meal to toss on the grill. I served with French-cut green beans and herb-roasted fingerling potatoes.

Three Cheese Prosciutto + Peach Pizza with Honey Balsamic Reduction


This is a perfect seasonal pizza recipe that is a definite crowd pleaser! It’s fun and easy to make, and all of the flavors perfectly compliment each other. Fun for a Sunday supper or weeknight meal!

Refreshing Cucumber and Watermelon Salad


Here is one of my favorite summer salads — it’s refreshing, low calorie, and super easy! Also, because the watermelon and cucumber are so water-dense, it fills you up pretty quickly. Enjoy!

Nate’s Chicken Skin Tacos

Adapted from Nate Gutierrez, Nate’s Taco Truck, Richmond, Va.

Strawberry Basil Spritzer Cocktail


I tried this recipe as an experiment and am beyond pleased with the results. It’s sweet (but not too!), refreshing, fruity (but not too!), and complex. Quadruple this recipe if you’re entertaining and serve in a pretty glass pitcher!

What are your favorite summertime recipes? Leave in the comments section below!



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