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Celebrities are often stalked by paparazzi, and few engage in conversation with photogs. So, many of them make a statement without words– through their clothes. Some statements are political (like Drew Barrymore in this anti-Bush tee), while others are self-promoting (such as NeNe Leakes in this Girl, Bye shirt). Finally, some sport emblematic symbols of their personalities. Enter  Wildfox. To me, Wildfox has always been a brand synonymous with celebrity self-expression. Take Taylor Swift: sweet, hyper-feminine, romantic, and an unapologetic cat lover. Here are a few of her favorite Wildfox looks:

Now, Wildfox is offering a whimsical and romantic collection for the bride-to-be, and I can’t get enough.

For the Bride

The collection is hyper-feminine with an apparent aesthetic homage to early Sofia Coppola (think Chanel Mademoiselle, Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette).

Here are a few of my favorites from this collection (click each image for more info or to purchase)

Let Them Eat Cake Couch Princess Sweater

Let Them Eat Cake & Let Them Eat Cake Sweatshirts | Wildfox

Kiss the Bride Perfect Tee

Bride Tee Shirts & Bridal Tees | WildfoxJust Maui-d Sleepover Tee

Pink Just Maui-d Tee Shirt & Bride Shirts | Wildfox

Play Dress Up Princess Tee

Pink sweatshirts & Princess sweatshirts | Wildfox

For Breakfast Perfect Tee

Pop the champagne shirt & champagne tee shirts | Wildfox

What are some of your favorite bridal statement pieces? Post in the comments below!




  1. Lovely post – how awesome is WIldfox?


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