Ledbury: Outfit Your Office


I’ll get right to the point: Ledbury is creating some of the most beautiful shirts in the world right now.

They’re perfectly tailored, beautifully made, and crafted carefully in handsome, classic palettes and patterns. And, the flagship store is right here in Richmond, Virginia. Savile Row has NOTHING on this sartorial Shockoe Bottom Shangri-la.

Fun stuff first: Ledbury wants to outfit your entire office (up to 100 shirts). There will be shirts. There will be private fittings. And, there will be bourbon. Enter your or your hubby’s office now by clicking this link: http://ledbury.com/giveaway

Now that you’ve entered, here are my top three things to love about Ledbury:

1. The classic, Southern flagship:

photo: garden & gun

Don’t you wish this was your closet at home? Scratch that. Don’t you wish this was your man’s SIDE of the closet at home? Yours, of course, would be twice as big. The industrial bones, the well-loved oriental rugs, the perfectly pressed shirts…. enough to make a design-obsessed neat-freak swoon.

2. The return of the modern gentleman

photo: selectism

The owners of Ledbury met while studying at Oxford University in England. The company is named after the road where their favourite (see what I did there?) pub was located. And their shirts can make even the most quintessential American boy-next-door look like he weekends at Balmoral. Ledbury is bringing back the sense and sensibility of sartorialism. Wives and girlfriends: you’re welcome.

3. Ledbury loves RVA

photo: style weekly

Most Richmonders are familiar with Ledbury. Many have even stopped by their flagship store/headquarters, located right by La Diff, a longstanding Richmond institution. But what some may not know is the deep connection this brand has to its River City roots. Ledbury chose us, Richmond. Over London, over New York, over Chicago, over Milan. Ledbury is an RVA brand true and true, and that is something to be proud of.

Enter the Ledbury #OutfitYourOffice giveaway here: http://ledbury.com/giveaway 

And be sure to visit their store at 117 S. 14th Street, Ste. 100. You’ll be glad you did!



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