Beauty Haul: The Key to Glowing Skin


February is here, the month of love! However, nothing puts a damper on winter romance like dry, rough, patchy skin; so today, I’m sharing a few of my new favorite products to keep your skin soft, glowing, and smelling good, too!

These were the first samples I tried from my Elements Beauty Shop beauty haul, and boy, are we off to a good start. All four products provided just what my skin needed.

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1. Somme Institute: Transport, Serum, and A-Bomb

I could see an immediate difference in my skin tone and clarity after using the trio of samples from the Somme Institute. In fact, I so badly wanted more than just a sample because it was so transformative for my skin. I would suggest the Starter Kit (which is a ridiculous steal at $32 from Elements Beauty Shop). “A must-have 5-Step Regimen for beautiful, even-toned and glowing skin in a value set from the Somme Institute. The Starter Kit is a great way to experience the Somme Institute regimen or to have a handy kit for overnights or weekend visits, or to share with a special friend. Starter Kit includes trial sizes of Nourishing Cleanser, Transport, Serum, A-Bomb and Double Defense.” ($32)

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Ideal For:
Experiencing Somme Institute skincare on a trial basis.
How It Works:
MDT5™ is a compound of highly engineered vitamins (A, B3, B5, C and E) that are bonded to proteins which enable them to penetrate the skin and be delivered in a stable and potent form. Patented MDT5™ significantly improves fine lines and wrinkles, photo-damage, acne, mottled hyperpigmentation and skin tone.
Beauty Benefits:
Somme Institute’s Regimen works synergistically to:

– Repair years of sun damage
– Visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles
– Treat and prevent acne and rosacea
– Significantly improve skin discoloration, tone, texture and clarity

2. Erno Laszlo Phormula 3-9

Just a dab will do ya for this magical eye repair from Erno Laszlo. This is probably one of the priciest brands carried at Elements, but for good reason: the results were almost instantaneous. I have been noticing that concealer under my eyes has been “cracking” recently due to fine lines and smile lines (curse you, aging!) I applied this cream to my under-eye area before bed, and immediately enjoyed how cooling and soothing it was. When I applied my makeup the next day, I was amazed to see that the “cracking” had almost completely disappeared. My under eye area was revitalized and rejuvenated, and looked hydrated and healthy. “Sweet Almond Oil & Pine Extract promote smoother, younger looking skin when you use this eye gel. Its cooling properties will help with circulation around your eyes, increasing that youthful look & sparkle while the antioxidant rich formula defends against environmental agitators. Suitable for all skin types. Pair it with the entire Erno Laszlo Phormula 3-9 line for superior results.” ($175)

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Ideal For:
Improving & firming the skin around the eyes.
How It Works:
Raspberry cultured cells are antioxidant compounds which neutralize harmful oxidizing pollutants. + Sweet Almond Oil promotes soft smooth skin. + Pine Extract helps promote healthy, refreshed looking skin.
Beauty Benefits:
Youthful looking skin. + Brighter eyes. + Moisturizing around the eyes.
Suggested Use:
Twice daily, apply on cleansed and toned eye contour area. Using the ring finger, apply delicately around the ocular bone.

3. Malin + Goetz Rum Body Wash

I first fell in love with Malin + Goetz products while in New York on business a few years ago, as the TriBeCa Grand Hotel carried this brand for their toiletries. My adoration for Malin + Goetz dates back to 2009 (this blog post is here to prove it!), but I was so excited to try a the Rum Body Wash for the first time. “Rum Eau de Toilette, a Malin + Goetz classic scent, is combined with amino acid-based cleansing agents to gently purify and balance all skin types. This natural body wash hydrates, rinses free of residue, and doesn’t irritate, dry out, or strip your skin, thus helping to reduce epidermal stress.” ($36)

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Ideal For:
Gently and effectively purifying and balancing all skin types relieving skin stress.
How It Works:
0.5% Rum Tonic Eau de Toilette fragrance leaves your body with a slight scent. + Glycerin & Amino Acid-Based Cleansing Agents hydrate your skin.
Beauty Benefits:
Natural fragrance and color. + Easily integrated into daily maintenance and prevention regimen. + Designed for all skin types. + Unisex. + May be blended with other Malin + Goetz body washes for a uniquely you showering experience.
Suggested Use:
Apply cleanser to wet hands and body, gently work into lather; rinse clean. Foaming bath: Three pumps under running water.



4. Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo

This is a cult classic from the M+G folks. I love the scent and the feeling on my scalp when using this product. Natural Peppermint Extract delivers soothing and sensual wake-up call that will leave you wanting to stay in your shower as long as possible. Amino acid-based cleansing agents give the added benefit of effectively purify and balance all hair and scalp types. Free of harsh detergents and designed for frequent use without drying, stripping or irritating your scalp this no build-up shampoo has a mildly foaming, residue-free formula that leaves your hair feeling soft and your scalp conditioned. Suitable for color treated, processed or damaged hair. Lifts dirts and oils to give hair a natural volumizing boost. (From $20)

Ideal For:
Ideal for the client with dead skin/dry scalp, fine limp hair, and processed/damaged hair.
How It Works:
1% Peppermint Extract clarifies, cleanses & stimulates the scalp. + Glycerin & Amino Acid-Based Cleansing Agents hydrate.
Beauty Benefits:
Leaves hair soft and scalp conditioned. + Purifies and maintains pH balance. + Blended for frequent use without drying, stripping, irritation, or build-up. Natural fragrance and color. + Easily integrated into daily maintenance and prevention regimen. + Unisex. + Suitable for all skin types. + Suitable for color treated, processed or damaged hair.
Suggested Use:
Massage a small amount between hands to evenly disperse our viscose shampoo onto wet hair and scalp, creating a mild, gentle lather; rinse clean. Repeat, if desired. May leave on scalp for 1-3 minutes as peppermint is known to cool, stimulate, and clarify.
Stay tuned next week for all new product reviews!

*This post is a sponsored collaboration with Elements Beauty Shop. All opinions are mine.

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