Sweet Caroline Book Club | Make it Happen by Lara Casey


I just started reading Lara Casey’s Make it Happen after seeing many, many glowing recommendations for this book on friends’ blogs and Instagram accounts. The book’s cover reads: “Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, Live on Purpose.” I love those words and was inspired before I even turned the first page!

The past year or so has been an amazing and exciting journey: I got my dream job, moved into a new home, married my best friend, started working with an amazing personal trainer, turned 30, and began volunteering for a cause I am absolutely passionate about at Richmond Animal League. I’ve started blogging again, traveled to new places, met new friends, and have had some incredible experiences. It’s a full, beautiful life.

But even so, there’s always that little restless feeling in the back of my head. A feeling that makes me ask myself questions like “What’s next? What can I be doing better?” I’m only a few pages in, but I’m so excited to work my way through this joyful, inspirational book and get started on a plan of action to make it happen.

Since I haven’t finished the book yet, here’s a link to the Amazon.com page that has plenty of user reviews from people who have finished it.

So, what are you doing to make things happen in 2015? Have you read Lara Casey’s book?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!




  1. Thank you for the kind words — I’m so grateful the book has encouraged you!



  1. […] this month, while sometimes I’ll offer suggestions for other books I’ve loved (like Make it Happen by Lara Casey). Whatever the book may be, I hope this will become a place for suggestion swapping […]


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