Sunday Supper | Beef & Veal Osso Buco Soup with Barley


Happy Happy New Year!!!

It’s hard to believe we are already almost a week into 2015. Time is flying, isn’t it??

On Friday night, my husband and I had a wonderful — as always– dinner with our  good friends the Andersons at one of our favorite Richmond staples: Mamma’Zu. Yes, the wait was predictably long (1h45, translating to roughly 3 bottles of Sangiovese), the service was predictably gruff, and the food was predictably out-of-this-world amazing. I ordered the Osso Buco, which is large enough to serve a table of four. It was amazing.

I decided to make a CrockPot Osso Buco soup with the leftovers today, and it turned out really well! I had a little help from the leftover Osso Buco – so you can start from scratch with this great recipe from Giada de Laurentiis.

Here’s what made the rest of the soup so delicious. Make your Osso Buco ahead, toss it in the CrockPot with the other ingredients for about 6 hours, and enjoy for dinner!


-Leftover Osso Buco (or half of this recipe)

-3 cups of low-sodium beef broth

-1 packet Knorr homestyle beef stock packet

-1 onion, diced

-4 heads of garlic, diced

-1 bay leaf

-1 lb. beef brisket

-2 cups dried barley


Put first 5 ingredients in CrockPot on high for six hours. One hour before serving, add barley.





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