Throwback Thursdays // Revisiting “Caroline’s Plate” Column

Happy Little Friday, friends! Short work weeks are always welcome after a fun-filled holiday weekend. This week is no exception and has absolutely flown by!

Last week, as I was doing a little blog maintenance, I realized that my site was missing an “about me” section, which most bloggers these days have. So I created this “Meet Caroline” page, and take you back to where it all began: April 2009. At the time, I was single, working for a non-profit, and living in the Fan. I was craving some kind of creative outlet, so I began this blog as “Caroline’s Plate.” I think the tagline was, “a twenty-something’s take on life, love, and everything in between.”

I had so much fun writing about some of the things I loved most: music, food, fashion, DIY, interior design (not much has changed!) I also used this forum as a place to vent about bad dates, insufferable “man children” and what it was like to be single and living in Richmond, Virginia. Dating and romance quickly became the topic I was writing about most, and soon after, I was contacted by to see if I would write my column as a weekly for the local website.

I had so much fun doing that column. Every week, it was a new subject matter related to dating as a twenty-something. I shared personal stories and stories from friends; advice on cheap eats or holiday gifts for your new boyfriend or girlfriend. There was a survival guide for the Royal Wedding and a post on the Laws of Girl Code. There were even singles networking events called “Cocktails with Caroline,” which were awesome and a lot of fun.

After accepting a job as deputy communications director for the attorney general’s office in May 2011, it was time to bid my dating column adieu. A month later, I met my now-husband, Paul. And three years later, I’m still writing — only now, for Sweet Caroline. Not much has changed – I’m still writing about what I love. But I thought it would be fun to look back on a few columns that survived on Enjoy!

The Royal Wedding: A Survival Guide

The Royal Wedding: A Survival Guide

The royal wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton is less than two weeks away (!). Ladies, the jig is up: it’s time to put away your Kate Middleton voodoo dolls, accept defeat and try to enjoy the hoopla around the Wedding of the Century. To ease the pain of lonely hearts worldwide (or at least here in RVA), we’ve devised a Royal Wedding Survival Guide fit for a princess (or prince). Cheerio!

Lessons Learned from Mom

Caroline's Plate: Lessons Learned from Mom

Growing up as an only child required a lot of imagination.  While my friends occupied their days plotting ways to get their little brothers in trouble or partaking in screaming wars over My Little Ponies, most days I had to entertain myself.  I spent hours upon hours in my tree house, pretending it was a castle and I was the princess.  I crafted elaborate tales about Barbie and her fairytale life with Ken.  And I’d find any opportunity I could to delve into my mother’s make-up and jewelry, playing dress-up and pretending to be her.

The Laws of Girl Code

The Laws of Girl Code

On Sunday night, thousands of teenagers and teenagers-at-heart flanked the streets outside of Manhattan’s legendary Radio City Music Hall.  They screamed, cried, and waved at their favorite celebrities clad in Marchesa, Dior, and in Lady GaGa’s case, some kind of strange, bloody, sea monkey ensemble. Music, Moonmen and madness ensued at the 25th annual MTV Video Music Awards, and as usual, the audience had to expect the unexpected.

Romantic Getaways on the Cheap

Romantic Getaways on the Cheap

The sour economic times have been, let’s face it, a bit of a fun vacuum. Gone are the days of frivolous indulgences and gas that costs less per gallon than a Starbucks Venti. In today’s world, we have to pinch pennies whenever possible, work even harder, and play even less. The possibility of jetting off to an exotic beach destination or cozy B&B just isn’t in the cards anymore. Or is it?

Best Outdoor Date Ideas

Best Outdoor Date Ideas

This past Friday, patios in the Fan were filled to the brim with Richmonders taking long leisurely lunches (or enjoying an extra-early happy hour) thanks to the beautiful spring-like weather. Saturday turned out to be equally as beautiful, and one of the few days of the year that residents of the River City don’t feel the need to complain about the weather.

For more column archives, click here.



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