JetSet | My favorite travel essentials

Lauren Conrad always looks effortlessly chic when traveling!

G r e e t i n g s from the Big Apple! I am in New York City for a few days on business this week and am loving the weather up here. I love the South and our signature southern summers, but a break from the heat and humidity is very welcome!

My travel experience today was one of the best I’ve had in a while (even though my flight was delayed 45 minutes). Biggest factor? Comfort. Second biggest? I’ve become a pro at the Two Night Suitcase Packing Game. Travel seems sooo much smoother when you’ve got your suitcase act together, packing only the must-haves, and getting your carry-on essentials down to the, well, essentials.
This is the second trip I’ve taken with my new Diane von Furstenberg Private Jet Fold Over Tote (thank you Erin & Eddie!). It is THE BEST for a two to three night getaway, and I highly recommend it!

I’ve also finally got travel style down to a science as well — a work bag/purse/carry-all, folding Ray-Bans that fit in a case smaller than a camera, comfy clothes, easy slip-off shoes, and a watch to make sure I’m not running late.

Thankfully, practical travel wear can be cute. Here are my favorite travel essentials for easy, breezy jet-setting.




1. White T-Shirt (I “borrowed” one of my husband’s undershirts for a little extra room and comfort!)

2. 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans | GAP

3. Wayfarer Folding Classic | Ray-Ban

4. Plated Pink Stud Earrings | kate spade new york

5. Gramercy Grand Watch | kate spade new york

6. Maey Bow Thong Sandals | I.N.C.

7. Le Pliage Tote | Longchamp


What are your travel essentials? What are some of your “musts” before you get on a plane or hop in a car for a road trip?

Happy Travels!



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