A Mission for my readers: Help me find a hero

Hi gang,

A few months ago, as my parents were cleaning out a storage building, they found a box of letters I had kept from age 6 to high school.

One of the letters was from SSG Preston Whatley, who served during the Gulf War. A photo of part of the letter is below.

I remember our little letter writing campaign in 1991, when I was in first grade. We wrote letters to American soldiers overseas, and I got a response back.

Mr. Whatley told me what it was like in Saudi Arabia. He told me how confident he was in American soldiers. He told me to stay in school and to listen to my parents. But most importantly, he told me that he and his friends would try to make the USA the best place to live, and to “be all you can be!”

I will cherish this letter from a true American hero forever.

If anyone can help me find him, I want to meet him and thank him. I’ve read his division was one of the most successful in the Middle East … Ever.

If you can help me find him, I would be eternally grateful. If you can’t?

Say a little prayer tonight for our heroes overseas.




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