FITnotes | Make it Work! Working Out on Vacay Made Easy


When you’re on vacation, usually the last things you think about are diet and exercise. In fact, most of us tend to “fall off the wagon” during vacations, what with rich dinners out, lots of frozen cocktails, and lazy days by the pool.

Since we have been down in Florida, however, I’ve been trying to stay active. We’ve been for long walks on the beach, paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming.

This morning, I did an at-home barre exercise by the pool, which was SO fun, I thought I would share!

Here’s what you’ll need:
-iPad or other tablet
-yoga mat or beach blanket
-light weights

If you don’t have the above exercise equipment, you can get creative like I did 🙂 I used a decorative weighted rope ball and a lightweight quilt from the bed.


YouTube has tons of free instructional fitness videos. I found this awesome 40 minute barre workout courtesy of Fitness Blender:


I set up my workout area by the pool and then got down to business!


Before cooling down and stretching, I added in one last challenge: 2 minutes of glute bridges to the tune of “Natalie ” by Bruno Mars– such an awesome beat!

Great workout and great start to the day. Now? Time to relax!!


What is your favorite way to stay fit on vacation?



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