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I love designer duds just as much as the next girl. Diane, Kate, Tory, Rebecca, Cynthia, Jenny P…. I just love all of those ladies! I’d love to be able to go on shopping sprees like the celebs (or even take their hand-me-downs! anyone!?). Unfortunately, most of us don’t have Hollywood budgets to work with, so we have to get a little….. creative.

So, who says you have to pay top dollar for top style? Here are some of my favorite “looks for less” that I recently scored….

Steal #1: Kate Middleton’s Diane von Furstenberg “Maja” Dress 

  • Retail: $465 (The Maja Dress is no longer for sale in stores, but this dress is pretty similar).
  • REAL WORLD: $49.99 from ShangriLa Mart


I ordered this replica DVF dress from ShangriLa which arrived last week — it looks EXACTLY like Kate’s but for less than $50! Score!

Steal #2: Tory Burch Crystal Stud Earrings


I haven’t been able to find an exact version of these by Tory herself, but these look so close to the TB insignia, no one would guess they were knock-offs. Lightweight, comfortable, and sparkly – what’s not to love?

Steal #3: J. Crew Chunky Pave Bracelet


I ADORE this bracelet from Pure Stunning. This Etsy boutique also has a ton of other J.Crew-inspired, kate spade-inspired and Anthropologie-inspired finds.

Here are a few tips for those bargain huntresses out there who can handle owning a knock-off or gently used item over the real thang (I know, I know, some of you just can’t).

  • eBay, eBay, eBay: this site is GOLD for the girl who loves designer clothes and accessories but doesn’t love paying full price. Be sure to add items to your Watch List so you can keep an eye of the little treasures eBay has to offer!
  • Search Etsy shops for terms like “Designer XYZ-inspired.” You’ll be surprised at how many amazing finds there are and for so much cheaper than retail.
  • If you’ve got some major patience and a little time, hit up local consignment shops for gently used designer pieces and accessories. Some of my favorites? Baggio (West End) and Clementine (Carytown).
  • Shopping vintage is always a lot of fun! Vintage fashion is back in a big way, and shopping local vintage stores is a great way to get beautiful pieces at a fraction of the cost. I bought a beautiful 1970s Diane von Furstenberg dress a couple of years ago from Halcyon Vintage in the Fan for less than $50. You can be sure no one else will be wearing it!
  • PRO TIP FOR THE BOLD BARGAINER: One of my favorite, best-kept secrets in Richmond is Second Debut in Carytown, which is a slightly more upscale Good Will boutique. You have to be VERY patient and have a good chunk of time to wade through all of the stuff they’ve got, but if you can make it, it’s well worth it. Some of my favorite finds? BRAND NEW Jack Rogers gold sandals ($8), lightly used red Ferragamo ballet flats ($12), a beautiful Ann Taylor skirt suit ($20), and a kate spade handbag that was actually in-style ($15). Well. Worth. It.
1970s Diane von Furstenberg Dress I bought from Halcyon

What are some of your favorite bargain hunting tips and tricks? Post in the comments section below!

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