Dine Moments | AMUSE @ VMFA


This weekend, we met a couple of friends for happy hour at Amuse restaurant, which is fabulous (and I mean FABULOUS– just check out those drinks from their website above!) Amuse is located upstairs at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.

Amuse has some of the most amazingly creative cocktails, infusing their drinks with interesting bitters and adding in unexpected ingredients- even Pop Rocks!

img3lMy favorite drink I had was the Miss Maybelline, which featured St. Germain Elderflower, Scrappy’s lavender bitters and a blackberry topped off with some champagne. (Scrappy’s, by the way, has the coolest bitters flavors and really beautiful antique packaging. I love the lavender and cardamom bitters.)

Amuse also offers specialty cocktails based on the current exhibitions at the VMFA. The next exhibition will be Hollywood Costume, which runs from November to February. Here is the Tinseltown inspired cocktail list! Such fun!

Specialty Cocktails

The Hemingway | 12
An Amuse customer favorite- – yesterday, today & tomorrow
Choice of Ketel One Vodka or Hendrick’s Gin |
Lime | Simple Syrup | Grapefruit Foam | Sea Salt

Sunset Boulevard | 11
Gaze the setting sun from the best lounge on the Boulevard
Bombay Sapphire Gin | Campari | Passionfruit Juice |
Dolin Blanc Vermouth | Purple Orchid

Yacht Rocker | 10
You might just go overboard!
Mount Gay Rum | Cointreau | Lime |
Almond Orgeat | Black Walnut Bitters

Four Play | 9
Some think it’s the best way to start it all off…
Four Roses Bourbon| Tanqueray Gin | Aperol |
Dolin Rouge Sweet Vermouth | Lemon Twist

The Silver Screen | 9
You’ll finish this one before the credits start to roll
Espolon Silver Tequila | Lillet Blanc |
Grapefruit & Lime Juices | Thyme Salt Rim

Blueberry & Basil Mojito | 8
The refreshing taste of summer no matter the season
Bacardi Rum | Muddled Blueberries | Fresh Basil

The Lusty Nail | 10
Polished version of the “rusty” classic
Dewars Scotch | Drambuie | Dolin Dry Vermouth |
Pineapple Juice | Drops of Absinthe

Bacon Bloody Mary
Spicy tribute to America’s favorite brunch beverage
Campbell’s Tomato | Bacon | Pickled Beans | Pepperoncini
With Absolut Vodka | 10 Virgin | 6

Scuffletown Fizz | 9
A delightful blend of fruit & flowers with a bitter finish
Tito’s Vodka | St. Germain | Aperol | Pineapple & Orange Juice

Lion’s Roar | 12
And now for our feature presentation…
Old Overholt Rye | Dolin Dry Vermouth | Luxardo Maraschino
Strega | Angostura Bitters | Black Peppercorn Spray

The Emerald City | 12
Follow the Green Fairy down the yellow brick road…
Green Chartreuse | Grande Absente | Mint Bitters | Champagne | Rose’s Lime | Lemon Twist

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