CRAFTCorner | Anthropologie-inspired Confetti Tumblers

Anyone who follows my blog (or knows me in real life) knows that I absolutely adore Pinterest. And I love it even more when I get inspiration from other pinners for DIY projects!

Over the holidays, I was battling a mean cold and thus was cooped up indoors for days. Nothing cures cabin fever better than a little crafting!


The inspiration for this craft was a set of Anthropologie confetti tumblers (that are currently out of stock, might I add). Radical Possibility blog posted a easy how-to, but here’s my take:

What You’ll Need:

-3-4 stemless wine glasses (I found a set of four at WalMart for $8.99)

-Enamels paint in various colors

-2 small paint brushes


-3 cups of water

-A cookie tray

-An oven

Step by Step:


-Start off with a three cups of water and your paint brushes

-On a large plastic plate, squeeze dime-to-quarter size circles of various paint colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, brick, lime green, evergreen, baby blue, turquoise, royal blue

-Using quick, small brush strokes, paint “confetti” on the bottom of your wine. I did two multi-color confetti, one of confetti blues, and one of confetti reds and yellows.

-Make sure the base of your glass is completely covered in paint

-Don’t be too careful with your brush strokes! The beauty is in the imperfection.

-Once you’re satisfied with the look, place each wine glass face down on a cookie sheet.

-Bake at 350* for 30 minutes. Turn off your oven and allow the glasses to cool as the oven cools itself.

-Voila! Your very own Anthropologie-inspired tumblers in less than an hour.


*Be sure that you HAND-WASH these glasses. No one wants to see the party chipped away!


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