Beauty Moments | lauren conrad beauty tips: snag it!

Despite the fact that my 27th birthday is drawing frightfully near, I’m still growing out of my teenybopper phase. I have an embarrassing amount of Bieber on my iTunes, was giddy as a schoolgirl for the release of Britney’s Femme Fatale, and have– count ’em– ALL of Lauren Conrad’s books from the L.A. Candy series.

L.C. is only a couple of years younger, though, so I feel we’re somewhat growing up in a parallel nature (yes, even in my mid-ish twenties, still growing up…)

I’ve been really proud of Lauren for growing out of her Hills shell and showing her talents as a burgeoning businesswoman, designer, and tastemaker.

Today, she launched a new beauty site called The Beauty Department, a website with tips, tidbits, and tricks of the trade learned over the years from her beauty squad. The inspiration for launching this site was to provide young women with a step-by-step how to (with guided pictures) on how to achieve the perfect vintage look, ombre nails and more, and it looks like it’s going to be a great resource for beauty addicts of all ages.

Be sure to check out to learn more about her team, and how to snag L.C’s signature style!


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