Style Moments | Alexis Bittar (or something like it)

This Saturday was dark and rainy, fostering an environment of gloomy nostalgia. Naturally, this inspired me to go to one of my favorite stores in Richmond, Halcyon Vintage.

I’ve been going to Halcyon since I was a little girl, as a nod to my then-obsession with the Beatles (I wanted to dress like the girls in “Hard Day’s Night,” and “Help!”) I’ve bought a range of items over the years, from 1950s cocktail dresses to delicately embellished cardigans to over-sized, leather suitcases to 1970s Diane von Furstenberg jersey dresses (see left- SCORE!). But my favorite items to peruse? The jewelry. Halcyon’s selection of vintage baubles, jewels, necklaces and Bakelite is to die for.

My latest acquisition is a pair of over-sized stud earrings that, if they’re not Alexis Bittar, they’re about as close as you can get. While Bittar earrings retail for almost $200, I got mine for $20.

Can you tell which is which? (besides the obvious discrepancy between the photographers’ cameras. You’re a dead giveaway, BlackBerry camera!)

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