CRAFTCorner | I Scream, You Scream

Sure, the economy has everyone pinching pennies, but that doesn’t mean your reputation for being a stylish gift giver has to tarnish.

A family friend taught me this cute, easy, and most importantly, CHEAP! idea for presents this year.

What you’ll need:

-One box of multi colored ornaments (preferably blues, lime greens, pinks, yellows, etc.)
-One box of sugar cones
-Irredescent glitter
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-Elmer’s Glue on a tray mixed with a little bit of water
-One small paint brush

Line your sugar cone inner rim with hot glue, and carefully place an ornament (hanger-side up!) on the sugar cone.

Paint the top of the ornament in a “drippy” manner with your Elmer’s and water mixture.

Carefully sprinkle on the glitter and sprinkles on the Elmer’s mixture.

Place upright in a plastic cup to dry.

Add hanger to ornament, and voila!

Ice Cream Cone ornaments!!

Adorable and Affordable. Very merry, indeed!


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