Beauty Moments | The Twenty Sixth of June: crazylibellule and the poppies

I just received 26 Juin Ile d’Yeu from my friends over at Crazylibellule and the Poppies, and I’m absolutely loving it.

Crazy-Cologne-StickThe cult Parisian parfumier not only packages their addictive Crazy Sticks solid perfumes in adorably vintage tubes, but they’re easy to throw in your bag so you can apply (and reapply) throughout the day.

The newest scent, 26 Juin Ile d’Yeu, is inspired by an island off just off the Vendée coast of Western France. It’s a summery scent that’s a little bit sweet, and a lot bit sassy. With soft yet heady top notes of orange, bush peach flesh, plum, and rose of May, it’s the perfect sexy summer scent without being too overbearing.

The Story :
26 June, île d’Yeu: The house at the edge of the Firs. To the background of Bach’s English Suites the ocean calls, gently pulled by a thread of light. Nothing disturbs the silence, except the olfactive recklessness of fruit and leaves combined. Surprised, bewildered and moved to be in contact with the skin. This crazystick cologne is a folly of perfume.

Typical Ile D'Yeu Cottage

Typical Ile D'Yeu Cottage

Whimsical, girlish, sweet and sophisticated, 26 juin will transport you to a quiet summer evening on France’s answer to Nantucket.

Definitely “crazy” for this Crazy Stick!

Visit the Crazylilbellule website to buy your own Crazy Sticks!

26 Juin, Ile d’Yeu will be available soon on B Glowing and Beauty Habit.

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