Manicure Mondays | the perfect manicure.

so you’ve decided to splurge on a manicure at your local nail salon. more than likely, you fall into one of the following categories:

1. chronic nail-biter (like me): you’ve bitten your nails almost down to the quick. elicits cringe and scolding from technician. no fun choices for you today. walk out sporting candy-apple red shorties comparable to a 5-year-old’s DIY manicure (matching babydoll not included).

2. pretty nails, but pretty clumsy: you can get your nails shaped and cajoled into looking pretty damn fabulous. french manicure, looks gorgeous. 20 minutes later, you notice the first chip in the paint and/or you broke at least one opening that can of Diet Coke. shit. there’s $35 down the drain.

3. chronic perfect nails: enough said. who needs you anyways?!

if you fall into category one or two, fret no more. my good friends M. and J. introduced me to a magic little box of wonders: broadway nails real life kit, petite length. yes, they are press-ons. yes, i still feel a little silly buying them. but damn, do my nails look good! they are incredibly realistic (close to category 3!), user friendly, they last a WEEK (gasp!) and, you can get them for under $10 at any drugstore.

go forth, young fashionistas, and never pay for a manicure again!


  1. i am a perfect blend between 1 and 2…haha

    p.s. i tagged you today! 🙂


  2. J. got me to buy a box… but I still haven’t tried them yet. I’m a little nervous to do them by myself. Press-on glue and I don’t mix well.


  3. Taking liberties,

    Addendum: They’re Fool Proof!


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