Beauty Moments | richmond in a bottle.

lifers in richmond (and many newcomers) can’t always pinpoint what makes this city so wonderful. is it the historic, beautiful landmarks like the byrd theatre? the rolling hills and resident wildlife at maymont park? the james, pierced by river rocks and the presence of abundant flora on belle isle? the people? the history? the dining? the sweet, southern charm?

whatever qualities make richmond magical for you, amy george has hit the proverbial nail right on the head with her hand-crafted eau de parfum , modern atelier. i’ve been a huge fan of amy’s for years and i’d love to see her richmond-inspired scents ascend to bond no.9-like fame and adoration.

here are some of my favorites:

2 Street – A fragrance worthy of a night out on the town in Jazz Age Richmond. Created for men, but smells incredibly sexy on women as well. Notes: rosemary, geranium, vetiver, salvia, moss, lavender, cedrat, mandarin, lavender, rose, coriander, lemon, and vanilla.

Belle Isle: rose, jasmine, and violet, on a bed of soft vanilla and dark, sexy base note.

Flowers in the Fan: Inspired by the many small gardens in the Fan that manage to fill a space with every flower imaginable. White dogwood, magnolia, and narcissus are sweetened with a drop of honeydew melon.

High Tea at the Jefferson – Perfectly brewed tea, with spicy undertones of mint and cardamom, a hint of sweetness, and a scone!

Kuba Kuba – Juicy Pineapple, cool mint, and sweet, spicy rum – a tribute to everyone’s favorite Fan restaurant.

Libbie and Grove – Dogwood and Magnolia entwined with Honeysuckle. White florals for a modern yet feminine, feel.

Union Hill – Peony and heliotrope bushes blossom in front of an Italianate porch. Boston Ferns hang from the railing, soft musk and the scent of sawdust and wood are in the air.

Farmer’s Market – early on a Thursday morning in July, you can buy the best tomatoes in the world at the 17th Street Farmers Market. Picked fresh hours before and trucked in from Hanover County, Hanover Tomatoes are famous for their sweet, tangy flesh: it’s said there’s something in the soil that makes them taste so good. But before you taste them, you smell them: bright with weeks of sunshine and surrounded by deep green vines and leaves. Clean herbal notes and the faintest trace of wood and spice make this a perfect warm weather scent.

Carytown Sweet Tea – After a leisurely Saturday afternoon spent shopping in Carytown’s fashionable boutiques, even the most die-hard shopaholic needs a little break. What’s more refreshing than a tall, cold glass of sweet tea? The ambrosia of the South, this brisk, brewed black tea has plenty of sugar. Want mint or lemon on the side? You got it.

Ginter Park Wisteria – in a neighborhood with homes over 100 years old, it’s no surprise that the trees are so tall they form a canopy over the street. But look closer, and you’ll see another ancient – gnarled, woody, and twining on any support they can find -the wisteria. It seems like the oldest wisteria have the longest flowers. Fresher and less sweet than the lilac, with hints of violet and lavender. The wisteria has a strong, feminine scent that is just a little bit unexpected.



  1. Becky says:

    Ahhh… I need the Libbie & Grove perfume!!!


  2. Amazing site! love the easy layout


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